“Kanafikiria nini?” Video of a newborn baby thinking after birth stirs reactions online (Watch)

A viral video capturing the immediate reactions of a newborn baby boy right after birth has sparked a flurry of responses across various online platforms.

The antics of the infant, observed shortly after his delivery by his mother, have elicited hearty laughter from numerous internet users on social media.

In the widely circulated video clip, the newborn appears to assume a contemplative posture, reminiscent of an adult deep in thought, despite having just entered the world.

The astonishing expressions exhibited by the newborn, who has barely spent a few days on this planet, have prompted a deluge of reactions from viewers.

With a remarkably composed demeanor, the baby maintains a straight face while delicately positioning his hand around his mouth and nose, signaling just the commencement of his intriguing behavior.