George Magoha's Doctor Opens Up on His Final Words as He Rushed Him to Hospital -

George Magoha’s Doctor Opens Up on His Final Words as He Rushed Him to Hospital

The doctor who attended to the late former Euxcation CS George Magoh has spoken.

Speaking exclusively to Citizen Tv, the Doctor, who is also Magoha’s personal doctor, said he was in his private clinic at Kenyatta Hospital seeing a patient and immediately after he got out, he received a call from Magoha’s wife informing him to rush to their home with a blood pressure machine.

Upon arrival at his home, the doctor said the wife demanded for an Ambulance t rush the former CS to the hospital. He met the son, who took him in and found tMagoha seated before he slide off after greeting him.

” He was seated, greeted me, and said oh you have come, I took out my machine to test his blood pressure but it was not recording, he slide off from his eating position and we took him to the car and rush to the hospital he was 10 minutes ahead of us since he was riding in his son’s car…he collapsed when he was getting to the hospital and his son who is a medic resuscitated him back. 100 meters to casualty area of Nairobi Hospital he collapsed again and was resuscitated but did not come back” he stated

He said he was sure he was waiting for him before he died and that he had already told him of some things about his life.

“He told his wife that his life has come and he is ready to go, he called his son, and daughter-in-law and at that time he also said he wanted to see me..the rest his wife will reveal” he added