We dated for years; I didn’t know he was my family – ‘Wife’ of shoemaker who killed himself says

On May 23, 2023, a shoemaker named Kwame Peter tragically took his own life in his room at Ahafo Mim.

His lifeless body was found hanging from a ceiling fan with a sponge days after his demise.

In a WhatsApp voice note he left behind, he accused his supposed wife and mother of his daughter of abandoning him for a wealthier lover.

However, his supposed wife, Amina claims that she dated Peter for years before she got to know that he was his family member.

Whiles speaking in an interview with Welcome to Ahafo, Amina said “We started dating as boyfriend and girlfriend on June 4, 2016. I wasn’t born here and I never met Kwame Peter because I learned he had been living in Accra for 15 years before moving to Mim. I never knew he was my family member until recently because I was someone who never liked to stay outside or move around.”

She continued: “We dated for some time until one-day whiles in the room with him, I heard a knock on the door. So, he went out to meet the person and, in their conversation, I heard a voice that sounded like someone I know. So, after their conversation, he came inside and I asked him who the person was and he told me she was his aunty. I was a bit skeptical and asked for her name and he told me she was called Banfowah. I knew there are a lot of people in this town with similar names so I really didn’t pay attention to it,” she narrated.

Amina revealed that she got to know that Peter was her brother when she asked him some questions about the family house he came from because she felt there was something wrong somewhere.

She said: “So, another time he asked me if I’m a resident of Mim and I told him yes, I am from the Aduana clan and he also said he was from Asakyire but I still didn’t pay attention until I asked him one day about his family house and he told me he’s from the family of Aunty Kwafoaa.

He asked me the same question and I also told him I’m from the Banahene family house. Then he asked me to show him the exact house which I did and upon calculation, we realized that it was the same place he worked some time ago; around GP and the Akyeamehene house.”

“When he also showed me his family house, I noticed that was the same place my father lived so I asked who his father was and he told me Kwaku Boakye then immediately I asked is it my own father Boakye? Then he also asked me if I knew him (Kwaku Boakye) and I said yes, he’s my uncle I also asked how he knew him and he said he is his father,” she recounted.

“Then I told him I never knew Kwaku Boakye had a son and he said it is because he never stayed in the community and I also told him I wasn’t born here.”

Amina claimed that although some family members disagreed with their decision to get married, she and Kwame Peter were so much in love with each other that they snubbed them until she got pregnant.

“All that while, we were really in love so whatever our families said we disregarded until I got pregnant.”

Amina also disclosed that Peter had threatened suicide on three previous occasions during their time together. She emphasized that she had always cared for him, ensuring his well-being and trying to meet his desires.

To her, loyalty was essential and she made efforts to understand his preferences, but Peter consistently returned with baseless accusations of infidelity, fueled by hearsay from friends and relatives.

This fourth suicide attempt tragically resulted in his death.