“Unaringa na mtoi ni wa Willy Paul?” Carol Sonnie mocks Mulamwah -

“Unaringa na mtoi ni wa Willy Paul?” Carol Sonnie mocks Mulamwah

Social influencer Carol Sonnie has expressed her lack of regret regarding her breakup with her former partner, Mulamwah, who has subsequently entered into a new relationship.

Carol Sonnie has criticized her ex-boyfriend for his alleged demand for excessive attention, claiming that he disrespected her in the process. She added that their child is now being cared for by another man.

In a statement, she identified musician Willy Paul as the father of her child, urging comedian Mulamwah to refrain from making any comments about their situation. She rhetorically questioned, “Mtu hujawahi tupea hata bob tangu tukuache na unataka kutupimia hewa. Unaringa na mtoto ni wa Willy Paul?”

It remains unclear whether Carol Sonnie intended to suggest that Willy Paul is the biological father of her child, as she chose not to provide further details on the matter. Carol Sonnie and Mulamwah went their separate ways in a highly publicized breakup that occurred in 2021.

During the breakup, the comedian accused Carol of infidelity with another man and openly shared the details on social media. Since then, Mulamwah has moved on with his close friend, Ruth K, and the two recently posted pictures on social media, displaying their affection for each other as they celebrated Valentine’s Day.