Doline Nyabati: Meet Kenyan Lady Making Millions from Selling Chapati in the US

Kenyan entrepreneur Doline Nyabati has made a significant mark on the American culinary landscape with her delightful assortment of Kenyan delicacies, carefully packaged and delivered across various states in the U.S.

In an exclusive discussion with, Doline recounts the extraordinary journey that brought her from Kenya to the United States, and ultimately, into the hearts and homes of numerous patrons through her irresistible offerings.

Upon arrival in the United States with her family, Doline initially pursued a career as a Certified Nurse Assistant, driven by her ambition to contribute to the healthcare field. However, her unwavering passion for cooking and the irresistible allure of Kenyan cuisine soon beckoned her towards a different calling.

Fueled by her love for culinary arts and a fervent desire to introduce the authentic flavors of Kenya to a broader audience, Doline embarked on an adventurous culinary voyage that would redefine her life’s trajectory.

Establishing ‘Authentic Kenyan Dishes,’ Doline’s venture swiftly gained acclaim for its steadfast dedication to preserving the true essence of Kenyan flavors. From delectable chapatis to aromatic mahamri and savory samosas, her creations encapsulated the very essence of Kenyan home cooking, evoking memories of bustling streets and vibrant markets with every taste.

Despite encountering obstacles in procuring genuine Kenyan ingredients locally, Doline’s resolve never faltered. She tirelessly scoured for suppliers and occasionally resorted to importing ingredients directly from Kenya to ensure the authenticity of her dishes remained intact.

With each delivery of her homemade delicacies, Doline not only satiated appetites but also cultivated a profound sense of connection and nostalgia among her patrons, many of whom found solace and familiarity in the comforting flavors reminiscent of home.

Looking ahead, Doline envisions expanding her enterprise to encompass a diverse array of vegan options and nutritional guidance for her clientele. With a keen focus on health and wellness, she aims to cater to a broader demographic while steadfastly honoring the richness and diversity of African cuisine.

Despite her flourishing success abroad, Doline remains deeply anchored in her Kenyan heritage, expressing her heartfelt desire to eventually return to her homeland and retire amidst the cherished landscapes and communities that hold a special place in her heart.