Two Men Found Chewing Grass in a Village in Kirinyaga After Stealing Neighbours Cows

A village in Kirinyaga County was brought to an abrupt stop after two men were found eating grass in the morning,in their neighbors homestead.

Identified as Julius and Mariko, the two men had three days before broken into a home of one Muthoni and fled with three dairy cows. The said neighbour never said anything concerning the incident, relatives said she had threatened to make sure those who were behind the theft are punished and embarrassed. No one knew what was going to happen.

It is accounted for that Muthoni adored the animals and depended upon them much that she could not take chances when it came to their security at home.

As indicated by Grace, one on the relatives, the cows were taken on a Friday by unknown men however the owner chose to make a move against those associated with the theft.

“Ng’ombe hao waliibiwa usiku wa kuamkia ijumaa, mwanzo hatukugundua lakini, baadaye ndio ilikugunduliwa,,, Muthoni alilia sana,” said Grace.

The two offenders are said to have returned three days later at night where they grazed on grass till morning.

They were also making sounds like real cows as members of the public continued to flock around the homestead to watch the rare video