“We Have No Choice But Watch Our Father Die” Brother And Sister Share Their Life Misery

The world can be so unfair sometimes giving you bitter lemon when actually expecting an orange. This is the sad story of Vesten and John, a sister and brother who have not known joy since childhood and are now watching their father take his last breath.

Their mother passed away while they were still so young and left them in the hands of their sickly father who has been sick before they were even born. It is said that he developed a heart problem which affected his liver and made his condition worse.

He was supposed to get immediate medical attention but they could not afford it leaving the doctors with no option other than sending him home to die. Due to pain from all over his body, he cannot even walk, they have to carry him outside everyday to ensure that he gets some sunshine.

As painful as it is, some people mimic his condition. After seeing his big belly which has swollen due to his condition, they laugh at him saying that he is pregnant.

John and Vesten say that they love their father so much since he is the only family they have. They even had to drop out of school in order to look for manual jobs so as to take care of their father.

It is sad seeing them seated as they watch their father die in their old house that looks like would fall anytime since they have no choice rather than wait for what will happen. Truly this kids have not known joy in their lives, just years of pain, suffering and tears.

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