Lizzie Wanyoike: High School Teacher Who Quit a Ksh 900 Monthly Salary, Ended Up Becoming a Millionaire Owning NIBS COLLEGE

The inception of the Nairobi Institute of Technology and Business Studies (NIT-BS) was a journey that commenced gaining momentum in 1999 for its founder, the late Lizzie Wanyoike. Despite its planning stages dating back to 1979, Lizzie’s determination and vision fueled the establishment of this institution.

Having separated from her marriage to the former Gatanga MP, Mr. Mburu Wanyoike, with whom she jointly operated the Temple College of Secretarial Studies, Lizzie, a seasoned teacher and secretary, reflected on her professional journey. She recounted being employed as a teacher, earning a monthly salary of Ksh 900 in 1975. However, after tying the knot with Mr. Wanyoike, she resigned to prioritize her marriage.

Lizzie’s teaching career included a stint at State House Girls High School in Nairobi. However, following her separation, she felt compelled to create her own educational institution. In 1999, the Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS) was established in Nairobi with an initial enrollment of 25 students, whom she acquired from another struggling institution.

Lizzie faced financial challenges after leaving her marriage with virtually nothing. Undeterred, she sold several plots registered in her name and secured a bank loan. Despite the initial hardships, her business thrived, prompting her to acquire a 10-acre plot in Kimbo, on the outskirts of Ruiru town. On this land, she built the institution’s headquarters.

In 2015, she considered transforming the institution into a university but ultimately opted to focus on technical courses. Consequently, the institution was renamed NIT-BS.

Before her passing on January 14, 2024, at the age of 73, Lizzie had significantly expanded her business. NIT-BS boasted 7,038 students across Nairobi and in the areas of Ngong’, Ruiru, and Nakuru. She had also established the Lizzie Wanyoike Preparatory Primary School and ventured into the hotel business with Emory Hotel in Nairobi.

Anticipating the future, Lizzie had strategically placed her three children in charge of different aspects of the business, entrusting them with infrastructure management, operations, and financial units, thus ensuring a solid foundation for her investments.