JJ Titus Life: Watchman earning sh8k per month to a multi_millionaire Driving 15 Million G-Wagon

JJ Titus, a well-known businessman, recently went viral after he surprised his wife with a Ksh.12 million Jeep Wrangler on her birthday. His journey to success is truly inspiring, as he went from being a watchman to a millionaire.

In a recent interview with 2Mbili TV’s celeb ride show, JJ Titus spoke about his rise from “grass to grace.” Born and raised in Meru, he came to Nairobi to hustle and his first job was as a watchman for a security firm, earning Ksh.8,000 while living in the Mukuru Kwa Njenga slums.

Despite the challenges he faced, JJ Titus never gave up on his dreams. He left his job and went to university to earn a degree in BBIT and a master’s degree. After graduation, he saved up and started a second-hand clothing business, as well as other side hustles. He eventually founded a tours and travel company, and then a cabros company along the Southern Bypass.

In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and all of his businesses closed, JJ Titus decided to venture into IT. Despite not being an IT expert, he found a deal with a certain institution to sell software, which proved to be very successful. He made millions of dollars and was able to purchase a Ksh.24 million Lexus LX 570.

That same year, JJ Titus’ two cabros companies landed a lucrative deal with Uhuru Kenyatta’s company, which further added to his wealth. Currently, he resides in a multimillion mansion in Runda Estate along Kiambu Road, which has a parking lot for four cars, including a Jeep and BMW that he bought for his wife Flora, as well as a Prado TX. He lives a lavish lifestyle, and plans to purchase a Lamborghini within the next two years.