Sandra Dacha reveals the type of men she’d never date

Content creator Sandra Dacha recently shared her dating preferences during an interview with Dr. Ofweneke on TV47, shedding light on her inclination towards slimmer men over their plus-size counterparts.

Dacha candidly expressed her personal inclination against dating plus-size men, highlighting concerns about physical compatibility stemming from her own physique. In a light-hearted tone during the interview, she remarked, “Never. I have a big stomach, then you have a big stomach, where will we end up?” underscoring her preference for partners with a slimmer build. She went on to delineate her ideal physical attributes, favoring slim, dark, and tall men, though not necessarily adhering to conventional standards of attractiveness.

Addressing the notion of dating conventionally handsome individuals, Dacha humorously pondered the logistics, quipping, “Where do I take you if you’re handsome?” Her remarks sparked speculation about her romantic life, particularly regarding rumors linking her to comedian Akuku Danger.

Delving into the rationale behind Dacha’s preference, studies suggest that slimmer men tend to have longer lifespans, potentially attributable to healthier lifestyle choices and reduced risks of obesity-related health complications. Furthermore, slimmer individuals often possess a favorable balance of muscle mass, contributing to both their physical well-being and attractiveness.

Beyond the physical aspect, slim men are commonly associated with maintaining healthier habits and lifestyles, which can be appealing to partners seeking sustained compatibility and mutual well-being in a relationship. Additionally, slim men may exude higher levels of self-assurance and emotional security, qualities often prized in romantic partners.