Kenyan Man in Tears as he Helplessly watches his Wife and Son Drown in floods

The recent torrential rainfall experienced across the nation has resulted in a devastating toll, with government spokesperson Isaac Mwaura reporting a grim loss of 179 lives as of May 1st.

This catastrophic event has inflicted profound suffering upon individuals who have endured both property damage and the tragic loss of loved ones. Among those deeply affected is James Kirobe, a resident of Mai Mahiu, whose personal account sheds light on the magnitude of the disaster.

In a poignant video shared by Citizen TV, James Kirobe, a survivor of the Mai Mahiu floods, bravely recounts his ordeal. Struggling to contain his emotions, Kirobe vividly describes the heart-wrenching moment when he witnessed the drowning of his wife and child during the calamitous event. He reveals the poignant detail that he had only recently begun his life with his wife before tragedy struck. With a visible bruise on his face, Kirobe articulates the profound emptiness he now grapples with following the irreplaceable loss of his family. “It’s so painful. Each time I remember, I just feel like crying. I entrust it to God, but the pain remains unbearable,” he shares tearfully.

In this moment of profound grief, Kirobe solemnly acknowledges that his family was his entire world, emphasizing the profound depth of his loss.