Miracle Baby loses 0.5M contract due to baby mama scandal. -

Miracle Baby loses 0.5M contract due to baby mama scandal.

Peter Mwangi alias Miracle Baby is Kenyan singer, content creator, MC and TV host. He is a former member of gengetone group called Sailors gang where he was the lead singer. Mwangi is married to Carol Muthoni alias Carol Katrue. Recently, they have been on top in the social media talks due to Peter’s baby mama scandals.

Carol was engaged in an exclusive interview with Mungai Eve this week after it was confirmed that the recent baby mama scandal was planned to ruin their lifes. Carol who is a former gospel singer who turned to Mugithi songs, expressed her anger after it was revealed that the lady who is named as Bree was just paid Ksh.3500 just to tarnish Peter’s name. Bree explained this during an interview with Simon Kibe. Bree’s mother pleaded with Carol to forgive her daughter since she is a form four leaver who is just in bad company.

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Carol explained how the lady named as Tash Baby has been trying to ruin their life and also other people’s lifes. She added how she was almost killed at one time near Two Rivers when she was almost hit on the head with a beer bottle but only got injured on her hand. Katrue indicated that Tash Baby has been threatening her. According to Katrue, if someone can pay Sh.3500 to fake pregnancy, then they can pay Sh.5000 to kill them.

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Katrue indicated that they have talked with their lawyer and they are ready to sue Tash Baby for defaming them. She also warned those who are using their name to clout chase. Katrue was very furious because the scandal made them to lose a half a million contract on a show since the management told them to deal with the scandals first. During all these scandals, Miracle Baby has not appeared in any of the interviews to clarify the claims but rather Katrue is the one who has been defending him.

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During the interview, Katrue also revealed that she studied psychology and she knows when someone is lying that is why she comes out to address the scandals. Miracle Baby has been sick and he is still under medication. The two love birds released a song ‘ona ndakua’ one week ago.

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