Ezekiel Mutua Calls Out Tiktok Content Creators Over Sexualised Content -

Ezekiel Mutua Calls Out Tiktok Content Creators Over Sexualised Content

Ezekiel Mutua, the former CEO of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB), has criticized Kenyan content creators for promoting sexualized content that negatively impacts young internet users. Mutua believes that content creators are responsible for producing inappropriate content and normalizing bad behavior.

Mutua’s efforts to regulate content have been met with opposition in the past, as some believed that he was infringing on their freedom. However, Mutua argued that children who have not yet turned 18 are still the responsibility of the government, and that his goal was to protect young people who do not receive enough parental supervision.

According to Mutua, social media and digital spaces have made it easier for content creators to produce and promote inappropriate content. He accused celebrities of perpetuating this trend by including dirty lyrics and half-naked women in their music videos. Mutua believes that the values of young people are shaped by what they see online, and that content creators have a responsibility to produce family-friendly content that is suitable for all ages.

Mutua is no longer a regulator, but he believes that he can still contribute to promoting morality in the sector. He encourages artists to use their talent to build society, rather than destroy it, and to produce music that they would be comfortable watching with their parents or children. He also argues that family-friendly content is more profitable in the long run, as it can be consumed by a larger audience. In contrast, explicit content may be popular in the short term, but it does not have the same financial success as content suitable for all ages.