Manzi wa Kibera opens up about breaking up with her 66-year-old fiancé -

Manzi wa Kibera opens up about breaking up with her 66-year-old fiancé

Manzi wa Kibera, a socialite born and raised in Kibera, recently opened up about her broken engagement to her 66-year-old fiancé, shedding light on the shocking details that have dominated headlines. The relationship came to an end due to allegations of her fiancé’s infidelity, causing significant turmoil.

During an interview with renowned YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Manzi wa Kibera made additional claims, accusing her former fiancé, Samuel Nzuki Ndunda, also known as Fundi Kijana, of engaging in slanderous behavior. She expressed her frustration with him labeling her a gold digger, arguing that he provided her with financial support as if she were his wife. She firmly believed that she was entitled to his financial resources while they were together.

Moreover, Manzi wa Kibera voiced her disappointment with her ex-fiancé’s tendency to pay excessive attention to the negativity surrounding their relationship. She believed that he allowed the influence of their critics to affect their bond. Despite the allegations that she was merely waiting for his demise to inherit his wealth, she vehemently denied these claims, emphasizing her respect for their past relationship.

Manzi wa Kibera confessed that she had severed all communication with her former fiancé due to the overwhelming presence of online trolls. She explained that their intrusive behavior had reached a point where it significantly affected her emotional well-being, prompting her to cut ties.

She also mentioned that other socialites, such as Vera Sidika and Amber Ray, had experienced similar challenges in their relationships. In an emotional statement, Manzi wa Kibera acknowledged the intense pain she felt following the breakup, as she had genuinely loved her ex-fiancé. She clarified that her decision to end the relationship was not based on his current financial situation.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Manzi wa Kibera maintains hope for the future. She revealed her desire to marry someday, even disclosing that she had already purchased a wedding gown worth Sh45,000 and her ex-fiancé’s suit for Sh12,000. She explained that, despite the existing issues, she had made the purchase in anticipation of a positive change in their relationship.

Her unwavering optimism and resilience in the face of adversity have resonated deeply with her fans, making her story a subject of great public interest.