Meet Inooro TV Presenter Hellen Muthoni And Why She used To Hawk Bananas

Hellen Muthoni serves as a television presenter on Inooro TV, hosting a popular Gospel show every Sunday morning alongside DJ Covenant. Their dynamic presentation style is marked by a genuine passion for their craft, making their show one of the standout Gospel programs on Kikuyu television.

Born in Kiambu County, Gatundu, Hellen is the third child in her family. Despite an affluent upbringing, her life took a dramatic turn following her father’s tragic death in the 1998 bomb blast. Subsequently, their own relatives ousted them, seizing control of their possessions.

Forced to leave their residence, they sought refuge in their grandparents’ home, marking a challenging period for Hellen. She took on the responsibility of providing for her younger brother, resorting to street vending bananas since her elder siblings had relocated to Nairobi in search of employment.

Concerning her education, the financial strain on the family after primary school left Hellen uncertain about continuing to secondary school. Fortunately, her fortunes changed when her elder sister married a doctor who generously covered her school fees.

After completing secondary school, Hellen pursued higher education, focusing on journalism and media studies. Following a successful audition, she secured a position at Inooro TV, where her talents shone brightest. Currently single, Hellen’s personal life remains her own, with speculation about her romantic status left to the discretion of the audience.