DJ Fatxo Breaks Silence After Reports of Being Chased Away from Ghetto Radio -

DJ Fatxo Breaks Silence After Reports of Being Chased Away from Ghetto Radio

Mugithi sensation Lawrence Njuguna, known by his stage name DJ Fatxo, has vehemently denied the assertions made by Ghetto Radio regarding the cancellation of his scheduled interview. The radio station had claimed that the interview was called off due to a surge of complaints from fans.

However, DJ Fatxo, in a statement issued on Wednesday, has clarified that the cancellation of the interview was solely a result of unavoidable traffic delays, which led to his late arrival.

In his response, DJ Fatxo criticized the earlier statement released by Ghetto Radio, deeming it “misleading and poorly considered.” He asserted that the radio station’s depiction of events did not accurately capture the actual circumstances that transpired.

Expressing his disappointment with the portrayal of the situation, DJ Fatxo described it as “unpleasant, misleading, and simply unfortunate.”

Additionally, DJ Fatxo contradicted Ghetto Radio’s claim of a public outcry, noting that the promotional posts about the interview on the radio station’s social media platforms had garnered positive feedback and support from his fan base.

Underscoring the significance of accurate information dissemination, DJ Fatxo’s statement emphasized the importance of conveying truthful details to the public. He highlighted the media’s responsibility to inform rather than mislead.

As of the present time, Ghetto Radio has not issued a response to DJ Fatxo’s counterstatement. The original interview was originally scheduled for August 18th, spanning from 7 am to 8 am.

While Ghetto Radio had attributed the cancellation of the interview to online uproar, DJ Fatxo’s rebuttal challenges this assertion.