Krg The Don: My Children Are Richer Than Me, They Pay Their Own Bills. -

Krg The Don: My Children Are Richer Than Me, They Pay Their Own Bills.

Renowned and polarizing Kenyan celebrity and dancehall artist, Krg the Don, once again ignited a digital frenzy when he chose to divulge details about his affluence, notably placing his children at the pinnacle of his success narrative.

In the course of an interview, Krg The Don articulated that he attained millionaire status at an early age, attributing this achievement to the diligent work ethic instilled by his parents. He emphasized having a foundation to build upon. Krg The Don’s substantial fortune was, in part, inherited from his familial lineage, which he has adeptly expanded over time.

Expressing an intriguing aspect of his life, Krg The Don avowed that his offspring outshine him in terms of financial prosperity, an accomplishment realized at their tender ages as they manage their personal expenses autonomously. In one particular interview, Krg divulged that his youngest child, Naem, routinely incurs expenditures amounting to Ksh. 50,000 on a daily basis.

The vocalist affirmed his opulence with certainty, propounding that his descendants are slated to inherit the entirety of his wealth. This, he contends, would provide them a solid footing from which to embark on their individual journeys toward amassing substantial fortunes.

Expounding further on his success, Krg The Don unabashedly asserted that even the collective efforts of all East African artists would not rival his financial prowess. His acclaim extends beyond his musical pursuits, as he has adeptly translated his passions into prosperous entrepreneurial endeavors, with music merely constituting one facet of his multifaceted enterprises.