Idris Muktar: Kenyan journalist who was fired by CNN for over 10-year-old World Cup tweets

Idris Muktar was a Kenyan journalist who was recently fired from his job at CNN over 10-year-old World Cup tweets. The tweets, which were made during the 2010 World Cup, were deemed inappropriate and offensive by CNN, leading to Muktar’s termination.

Muktar’s tweets were discovered by CNN during a routine review of their employees’ social media accounts. Upon discovering the tweets, CNN deemed them to be in violation of the company’s standards of conduct, and promptly terminated Muktar’s employment.

The tweets in question were made during the 2010 World Cup, which was held in South Africa. In the tweets, Muktar made inappropriate and offensive comments about the South African team and its fans. CNN stated that these comments were not representative of the company’s values, and that they had no tolerance for such behavior from their employees.

Muktar has apologized for the tweets, stating that they were made in the heat of the moment and do not reflect his true beliefs. He has also stated that he has learned from his mistake and will be more careful in the future.

Despite Muktar’s apology, his firing has sparked a debate about whether or not it is fair to hold someone accountable for tweets made a decade ago. Some argue that people should be able to move on from their past mistakes, while others believe that social media is a public forum and that people should be held accountable for their words.

Regardless of where one stands on the issue, it is clear that social media has the power to shape our careers and reputations. It is important for all of us to think carefully about what we post online and to consider the long-term consequences of our words.