As you are probably aware, Talia
Oyando shared some seriously hot
pics of herself in a bikini and peeps
on Social Media have gone WILD.

Especially #Team Mafisi Here are some reactions from Facebook,
Instagram and Twitter to her banging bikini
pics. Some of the reactions are simple; others
funny while others are downright raunchy.
Check them out Terence Otucho: DAMN Anthony Mugabe: ‘Weka-Weka’ Anthony Mugabe: Brethren hapa ni
kusmash kama the Hulk! Mambo za drip ya
red-cross ni baadae! Chris Tuks Kuta vitu.. Caesar Muti: Hii itasababisha Palm Sunday.
On a Wednesday. Haki. Anthony Mugabe: Wet Fry manenos… Èdwin Búhęrê: Hapa ndo ile nyoka ya
pangani hutoklezea! LOL Tito Opondo Tallia Oyando lol see what you
gone did BLACK THOUGHT* @kega_qegx: Just added
Talia Oyando to my #MILF list Boots & Booty @leeeyo_ : Talia Oyando has
always been yummy. Over the years Iain Felipe @iainfelipe: Talia Oyando is the
reason I can consider putting in gym
budget for bae..

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