Mithika Linturi First Wife Opens up on Troubled Marriage -

Mithika Linturi First Wife Opens up on Troubled Marriage

Mercy Thinkii Kaimenyi, who is believed to be Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi’s first wife, recently spoke up about her troubled 22-year marriage. As a professional teacher, she had previously chosen to remain silent about her marital issues to maintain peace for the sake of her, Mithika, and their children. However, after Kawira Mwangaza’s recent Facebook post, Mercy felt compelled to address the situation publicly.

In her Facebook post, Mercy clarified that she still stands by her husband despite incitement from friends and close relatives. She also pointed out that many of those who are calling her are unhappy in their own marriages. Although she has never commented on her marriage in the past, she was prompted to do so now due to the recent attention it has received.

Mercy revealed that Mithika has a new wife named Lucy, whom she described as a loving and caring mother to her children. Mercy expressed gratitude to Lucy for loving her children as her own and making Mithika happy, which in turn brings her peace and joy.

In 2019, a Catholic priest testified in court that he officiated Mithika and Mercy’s wedding in 2000. The wedding video was played in court, and a marriage certificate was produced as evidence that the union had taken place.

Overall, Mercy stands by her husband despite the challenges they have faced in their marriage. She also appreciates Lucy for being a positive influence in her children’s lives and making Mithika happy.