Samidoh Celebrates Karen Nyamu's Daughter on Her 9th Birthday -

Samidoh Celebrates Karen Nyamu’s Daughter on Her 9th Birthday

Renowned Mugithi artist, Samidoh Muchoki, has conveyed his heartfelt felicitations to Karen Nyamu’s daughter as she commemorates her ninth birthday.

Through his Instagram stories, Samidoh shared a captivating snapshot of Teana, extending his wishes for a prosperous life brimming with unfettered joy, ambitious aspirations, thrilling escapades, and ceaseless grins.

“An extraordinary young girl, continue to radiate; may your year be replete with exhilarating exploits and unending smiles. Happiest birthday.”

Karen Nyamu generously posted a series of photographs portraying the jubilant moments of the birthday girl. She emphasized that Teana’s jubilation, surrounded by kith and kin, stood as the paramount element.

Teana stands as Karen Nyamu’s eldest child, with DJ Saint as her father. The esteemed disc jockey was not remiss in commemorating his daughter’s notable milestone.

“Joyous birthday to my cherished princess, whose presence paints my life in vibrant hues! You sprinkle brilliance upon all whose paths you cross, and today, we applaud the vivacious firework that you are… My adoration knows no bounds, my dear ❤️😘.”

In an antecedent interview, DJ Saint disclosed that he encountered Karen Nyamu at a social gathering prior to her foray into politics.

Their courtship endured for a while, culminating in the birth of their daughter, Teana. However, the pair subsequently parted ways, with the DJ confessing that their liaison had soured, rendering it arduous to co-parent.

He steadfastly affirmed that they continue to engage in dialogue, and upon his encounter with Samidoh, he entrusted him with the care of his daughter, imploring him to safeguard her well-being.