Kelvin Osore: Kenyatta University Graduate Who Earned 1st Class Honours , Now Pulling Mkokoteni to Make a Living

There is a prevailing belief that attaining a higher level of education can afford individuals a more comprehensive understanding of the job market, industry trends, and employer expectations. Armed with this knowledge, individuals can strategically approach their job searches, increasing their appeal to potential employers.

Contrary to this assumption, Kelvin Makachia Osore experienced a different reality. Despite graduating with first-class honors in Mathematics from Kenyatta University in 2018, he found himself pushing a cart for survival. Having sent applications to over 200 companies and personally visiting numerous establishments in the Industrial area, Makachia faced the disheartening situation of being a graduate with a degree but no job prospects.

In an interview with The Standard, Makachia expressed his disappointment, highlighting the impact on his family, especially his regretful mother, who had taken a loan to fund his university education. Unfazed by the lack of opportunities, Makachia made a decision that would redefine his path.

Rather than succumbing to the frustration of unemployment, he chose to tap into his resourcefulness. Leveraging a connection that allowed him access to a cart, Makachia decided to start vending water and providing luggage-carrying services for needy clients, such as stall owners in the Soweto area.

His daily routine began at 4 am, collecting water from school boreholes in Soweto and delivering it to residents in need at a fee of 20 shillings per jerrican. On a successful day, he could pocket up to Sh900 in profit, a significant improvement from the uncertainty that plagued his months of job hunting.

As Makachia persists in navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship, his story stands as an inspiration to others facing similar circumstances. While he may not have secured the formal employment he initially sought, his journey has revealed a resilience that enabled him to shape his own narrative and thrive amidst adversity.