Manzi Wa Kibera: I Dropped Out Of School In Class 2 And Big ‘Nyash’ Has Changed My Life Completely. -

Manzi Wa Kibera: I Dropped Out Of School In Class 2 And Big ‘Nyash’ Has Changed My Life Completely.

One of Kenya’s most famous and controversial celebrities and socialites, Manzi Wa Kibera, caused quite a sensation online when she decided to share how her curvaceous body and ample posterior have transformed her life.

During an interview with Massawe Jappani on Radio Jambo, Manzi wa Kibera revealed that she discontinued her education after just two years in primary school. She found school uninteresting and made the choice to leave in order to focus on more significant aspects of her life.

Despite having dropped out after only completing second grade, Manzi wa Kibera proudly disclosed that she possesses two purchased degree certificates, one of which is in human resources. She emphasized that education has never held any importance for her, as she currently enjoys a luxurious lifestyle primarily due to her voluptuous figure.

Manzi wa Kibera asserted that she garners a great deal of attention from men who readily provide her with substantial financial support. This financial assistance has allowed her to maintain her extravagant way of life in Nairobi City and relish in its pleasures.

She confidently proclaimed that her stunning appearance and enviable body shape make her confident in her ability to attract a wealthy suitor. Manzi wa Kibera is presently dating a 65-year-old man but has plans to pursue a relationship with a wealthy young man after the older one departs.

To support her argument that education is overrated, Manzi wa Kibera cited examples of other successful socialites like Vera Sidika and Risper Faith, who reside in opulent mansions in upscale neighborhoods thanks to their curvaceous physiques and alluring derrieres.

The socialite expressed her conviction that she is on the path to greatness and firmly believes that her prominent ‘nyash’ will enable her to live her dream life in luxurious suburban estates and drive extravagant cars, following in the footsteps of other socialites.