Pritty Vishy Asks Kenyans to Stop Calling Her ‘KIENYEJI’  -

Pritty Vishy Asks Kenyans to Stop Calling Her ‘KIENYEJI’ 

A tearful appeal was made by Vishy to online bullies, imploring them to cease using offensive labels and teasing her in a video that was posted online.

She pleaded with the trolls to refrain from calling her derogatory names like ‘kuku kienyeji,’ which is a reference to local chicken breeds in Kenya.

“They used to refer to me as kienyeji, and I thought, if you perceive me that way, then let me embrace being ‘kienyeji pro max’,” she expressed with sorrow.

In April of this year, Pritty Vishy couldn’t bear being compared to the recently deceased former President Mwai Kibaki.

She broke down in tears as she shared a video on social media.

“I just want to remind all of you trolls, the ones who eagerly anticipate Pritty Vishy uploading a video or making a post just to troll her. I want to remind you of something. If you are a woman, remember that you have given birth, and your offspring are growing. If you are a man, remember the same,” Pritty Vishy lamented.