” Dini Inaruhusu Wanne” Fahyma Allows Rayvanny To Marry A 2nd Wife. -

” Dini Inaruhusu Wanne” Fahyma Allows Rayvanny To Marry A 2nd Wife.

Rayvanny’s spouse, Fahyma, recently garnered attention on the internet by openly discussing Rayvanny’s potential involvement with another woman. Fahyma expressed her deep affection for Rayvanny and her willingness to accept him having a second wife.

In a recent interview, Fahyma, who had been planning a surprise birthday celebration for Rayvanny, revealed that she has a tendency to monitor her husband’s phone activity. This habit stems from her curiosity about the whereabouts of a potential co-wife. Interestingly, both Fahyma and Rayvanny have a mutual understanding about this and regularly exchange access to each other’s phones, which they view as a normal aspect of their relationship.

Regarding the prospect of Rayvanny entering into a polygamous marriage, Fahyma stated her readiness to embrace it. She highlighted that as Rayvanny adheres to the Muslim faith, which permits men to marry up to four wives, she sees no wrongdoing in him taking a second wife.

Fahyma also took the opportunity to commend Rayvanny’s virtues. Throughout their time together, she emphasized that he has consistently treated her well, demonstrating a genuine and kind-hearted nature. This positive portrayal of Rayvanny further solidified her belief in his worthiness of love and admiration.

After a separation period of around two years, Rayvanny and Fahyma eventually reconciled and reignited their romantic relationship. This reconciliation came after Rayvanny’s highly publicized breakup with Paula Kajala. Presently, the couple is relishing their loving partnership and leading a joyous family life. Their union has also brought forth a child, and they remain optimistic about their enduring togetherness in the future.