Mambo Imechemka: Oga Obina children Ask For a DNA Test To prove He Is Their Real Father

Oga Obinna, a comedian, faced a challenging situation when his four children insisted on undergoing a DNA test.

Ada, his third child, initiated the conversation by expressing her sense of dissimilarity from her siblings. She highlighted two distinctive features – a lighter skin tone and dimples, which neither Obinna nor her mother possessed.

Ada’s resemblance to her younger sister, who shared the same mother, was noticeably absent. The four children collectively approached Obinna with suspicions that he might not be their biological father, citing differences in appearances and preferences, despite some similarities in skin color.

The eldest child nonchalantly declared, “I don’t care if you’re my dad or not; life moves on.” Brianna, the second child, suggested, “Why not look for (the real dad)? He’s the one who left me; he should be the one searching.”

Expressing empathy, Obinna apologized for their feelings of loss and assured them that he would actively search for their biological father. Ada and the youngest, Lola, proclaimed that if Obinna refused to adopt them, they would prefer living on the streets rather than acknowledging their biological father.

In response, Obinna confronted them, questioning how they would react if they later discovered he wasn’t their biological father. Despite their insistence on a paternity test, Obinna reassured them of his paternal role and firmly declined their requests.

“I can’t imagine my life without you, and I won’t take a DNA test for you guys. Regardless of the test, you will always be my children,” he asserted. “You guys are my people; I will consider a DNA test when you’re older,” the comedian added.

Obinna, with three baby mamas and four children, openly acknowledged the challenges of co-parenting with his previous partners, emphasizing the complexity of such arrangements.