“Tafuta Kanisa Ingine ama uede kwa Wachawi”, Pastor Ng’ang’a blasts believer for giving him Ksh 500 tithe.

Controversial urban preacher Pastor James Ng’ang’a has once again ignited a storm of controversy, this time by publicly criticizing a devout follower who offered him a donation of 500 Kenyan shillings while seeking prayers for his family.

In a widely shared video circulating on various social media platforms, the charismatic leader of the Neno Evangelism Centre does not mince words as he voices his disapproval of what he considers to be a paltry contribution.

He expresses his disappointment, remarking, “Just yesterday, someone handed me a mere 500 shillings and requested my prayers for their children and grandchildren. Five hundred shillings? How can I genuinely remember them with such a meager sum? Five hundred?”

According to Pastor Ng’ang’a, this amount falls significantly short of making any substantial impact, and he offers guidance to those who make such modest offerings, suggesting they seek spiritual solace elsewhere.

The preacher adds, “You can’t even fill your gas tank with 500 shillings; perhaps it’s sufficient for those with motorcycles. What kind of worship is this? If you’re expecting services for 500 shillings, you might as well visit the traditional healers in Nairobi who talk about ‘planting seeds.'”

Pastor Ng’ang’a’s impassioned tirade against the high cost of living goes viral

Just a couple of days ago, Pastor Ng’ang’a did not shy away from criticizing the Kenyan government for what he perceived as excessive tax hikes.

In a fiery address delivered during a live church service at the Neno Evangelism headquarters in Nairobi, Ng’ang’a chose his words carefully.

Ng’ang’a’s statements were characterized by fervor and candor: “Sometimes, you are leading this nation astray. I speak as a prophet. The economy is in disarray, and you continue to burden the people with taxes.”

Furthermore, he openly challenged the authorities to shut down his church if they wished.

“You raise taxes here and there, and when someone tells you that you’re shutting down churches, why don’t you come and close mine, if you dare! Ridiculous!” he exclaimed.