Huwezi Hata Seduce Nzi! Akothee Slams Kibe

Musician Esther Akoth Kokeyo, popularly known as Akothee, has broken her silence in response to Andrew Kibe’s recent comparison of her bedroom skills with those of Millicent Omanga.

In an extensive social media post, Akothee criticized Kibe for disrespecting women and cautioned that his content could lead to legal consequences. She labeled Kibe as toxic, asserting that he was misleading the younger generation, and went on to declare that anyone who subscribes to his content is also contributing to a toxic environment.

“You cannot simply wake up and rant without consequences; we all understand that you are financially struggling, bitter, and toxic, able to create all kinds of content. However, I will not allow you to go this far! You, who cannot even seduce a fly, claim to have the power of sex or blame alcohol for your diminished libido long ago. 🤣🤣 You are a failure in life, projecting your dissatisfaction onto other people’s success. You misguide the young generation with your toxic product,” stated the mother of five.

Akothee further accused Kibe of subjecting children to trauma by sharing their parents’ DNA online. She asserted that the former radio host was hiding in the US after facing rejection in Kenya. Additionally, she criticized him for monitoring people’s lives instead of engaging in productive activities suitable for someone of his age.

“Kibe, you are not based in the US; you are a Kenyan reject hiding there. You failed miserably in Kenya, while men your age are diligently working from 8 to 5. Instead, you are busy scrutinizing people’s lives. If you are doing well in the US, can you share a week’s documentation of your life without involving personal matters? We will bring you back to Kenya to answer all the questions you are raising. You must be accountable for your actions, you worthless person,” commented the entrepreneur.

Akothee accused Kibe of attempting to tarnish reputations under the guise of creating content, branding him as bitter. She pointed out a previous incident where Kibe criticized Sarah Kabu for attempting to conceive at 40, questioning his authority on women’s issues and suggesting he focus on other matters. In conclusion, Akothee labeled Kibe a disgrace to the male population, concluding with the hashtag #KibeLibidoHafifu.

This response comes after Kibe claimed in a video that Akothee was more sexually exciting than Millicent Omanga, making these remarks following the leak of an explicit video allegedly associated with the interior CAS.