Dad Shares Tearful Experience Watching Son Die in Murang’a Swimming Pool

A grieving father described how he and his three kids went to a hotel in Murang’a to have fun but came home broken and without one of them.

On Boxing Day, Kamanche Nyakwar Okuyu, his two daughters, and his son set off for Trotters Hotel on the Kenol-Nyeri route in Murang’a County with only the intention of having fun.

But as fate would have it, they were forced to return home without the boy, their eyes drenched with sorrow and their hearts unable to comprehend what had happened.

Kamanche announced the passing of his only kid in a swimming pool on social media.

“I never would have thought that one of the things that my son loved the most would be the one that took him from us. They believe that water is life, but my son’s life was taken from him by the same water, the man wrote.

The heartbroken father expressed regret to his son and wished he had been able to stop the boy’s unceasing cries.

“My son, Hiba, you are aware of the extent I would go to save your life in this situation. Your cries were heard, my son; I wasn’t deaf. My ears must have been too far away for your cries to be heard.

Be Our Guardian Angel

He said in an emotional tribute that he would always cherish the memories they made together during his lifetime.

“My son, as I cherish with gratitude the memories we created, I know they are not enough to fill the deep void you’ve left.

“We all miss you son. Your mum misses you deeply. Your sisters miss their cheerful and cheeky brother,” he shared.

Kamanche has one final request to his beloved son: Be our guardian angel.

“Your spirit will journey with us throughout this life and always comfort us when we long to see you. The 10 years we shared with you on this earth were definitely not enough but I get encouraged when I remember that we’ll spend the eternity with you son.”