“Umesikia Samidoh Amerudi Kwa Bibi Yake?” Karen Nyamu Responds Harshly To A Fan

Karen Nyamu, a prominent Kenyan lawyer, politician, and social media influencer, has been making headlines due to her romantic relationship with popular Kikuyu musician, Samidoh. While Samidoh is married and has children, rumors of his relationship with Karen caused a stir among his fans and the public before the couple officially confirmed their relationship. Karen has been involved in various controversies in the past, including leaked photos of her allegedly smoking bhang.

The couple’s rumored relationship generated mixed reactions from the public, with some criticizing them for their alleged infidelity, while others defended their right to privacy and choice of partners. Despite confirming their relationship, Karen continues to face sharp criticism and name-calling for engaging with a married man.

In a recent social media post, Karen commented on the political pressure for President Ruto and Hon. Raila Odinga to have a handshake and call for an end to Maandamano Mondays and Maandamano Thursdays. A fan asked her if Samidoh had returned to his wife, to which Karen replied with a humorous comment, “Hehehe wewe unathani alikua ameenda wapi? Na bado mtaniita homewrecker mutiri hakiri 🤣”

Karen and Samidoh’s relationship has caused a buzz in Kenya’s entertainment industry, and only time will tell whether they will stand the test of time.