30 Illegal Chemists closed ,24 Fake Pharmacists arrested in Nairobi crackdown

In Nairobi, law enforcement authorities have taken decisive action against the proliferation of counterfeit pharmacists and illicit pharmaceutical outlets. In collaboration with officials from the Poisons and Pharmacy Board (PPB), the police have undertaken a targeted operation aimed at curbing illegal chemists within the city.

A total of 24 individuals involved in these illegal activities have been apprehended and will face charges under the PPB Act, which strictly prohibits the operation of pharmaceutical businesses without proper licensing.

Dr. Tom Mwangi, an inspector with the PPB, provided an update on the operation, noting that since its commencement the previous week, 30 illegal pharmaceutical outlets have been shut down along with the arrests made.

Dr. Mwangi emphasized the grave public health risks posed by these illegal outlets, stressing that they do not adhere to the standards set by the PPB. He highlighted the alarming trend of some outlets being used as conduits for the sale of illegal drugs, including narcotics, without the necessary prescriptions.

Speaking from Mbotela, Nairobi County, where two illegal chemists were shut down, Dr. Mwangi assured the public of the operation’s continuity, asserting the commitment to eradicate such illegal pharmaceutical outlets completely.

Dr. Julius Kaluai Mwangi, head of enforcement and surveillance at PPB, echoed Dr. Mwangi’s sentiments, stating that the operation would extend to all of the remaining 46 counties. He emphasized the involvement of regional PPB coordinators in spearheading similar actions in their respective areas.

The crackdown was prompted by a directive from President William Ruto, underscoring the government’s determination to eliminate the sale and consumption of illicit drugs and alcohol nationwide.