Kenyan Man Offers Kinuthia a New V8 if he Accepts to Marry Him.

YP, identified as Kinuthia’s crush, has decided to openly declare his feelings and confess his love for the TikToker. YP is determined to go to great lengths to win Kinuthia’s affection and ultimately marry him.

In an interview with Trudy Kitui, YP, hailing from a Kamba background, revealed that he works as a car dealer, specializing in importing and selling used vehicles. He expressed his financial prosperity confidently.

YP elaborated on his deep affection for Kinuthia, emphasizing that gender is irrelevant to him in matters of the heart. He is captivated by Kinuthia’s personality, finding himself irresistibly drawn to him.

Expressing his commitment to Kinuthia, YP outlined the lavish gifts he intends to bestow upon him should Kinuthia agree to marry him. Promising a brand new Range Rover V8 as just the beginning, YP envisions treating Kinuthia like royalty, ensuring his every desire is fulfilled. He pledges to use his wealth to enhance Kinuthia’s life and make him shine even brighter.

In conclusion, Kinuthia’s crush implores the TikToker to open his heart and consider his proposal. Confident in his ability to be the perfect partner for Kinuthia, he remains hopeful that his genuine love and devotion will win Kinuthia’s heart in the end.