‘I’m Not Dead’: Inspekta Mwala Clears The Air After Viral TikTok Video

Actor Davis Mwabili, also known as Inspekta Mwala, responded to reports that he had passed away.

After his passing was disclosed in a popular TikTok video, Mwala was forced to address the matter.

On January 5, a user with the funny handle @Vonkali23 posted a slideshow alleging the renowned actor’s passing.

The caption on the 22-second video read, “RIP Mwala… He passed away this morning.

On Tuesdays, Citizen TV broadcasts the “Inspekta Mwala” program, which featured Mwala and his fellow actors. The TikTok user had pictures of the program.

He addressed the rumors on social media and did not try to hide his disgust.

“Mwala is still alive, whoever made the clip should watch out because I have reported to the DCI, and it will not be pretty when we catch up with them,” he said.

The exasperated comedian lamented that this not the first time for such news to spread online, but said this time the suspect will pay dearly.

“It’s not the first time this is happening, these people kill me on social media every year. This time it was TikTok, last year it was Facebook, another time Twitter….it needs to stop.”