Student who scored A (83) Given 3 days to raise KSh. 207,000 for University fees -

Student who scored A (83) Given 3 days to raise KSh. 207,000 for University fees

Casey Oluoch Atieno’s childhood dream was to become a doctor. Growing up in a humble family in Bungoma County, she was well aware that realizing her aspirations would require relentless dedication and hard work.

In 2018, during the Class 8 KCPE examinations, Casey displayed exceptional academic prowess, emerging as the top-performing student in all of western Kenya with an outstanding score of 439 marks. This achievement catapulted Casey into the spotlight, and fortunately, she secured a scholarship for her secondary education.

Thanks to the generous Bungoma County government scholarship program, Casey was able to enroll in her dream school, Kenya High School. Without this scholarship, the financial burden would have prevented her from pursuing her education further, leaving her stuck at home.

Reflecting on those pivotal years, Casey fondly remembered the unwavering support she received from her parents and well-wishers, who made countless sacrifices to ensure she remained in school. Her grandmother even took out loans to support Casey’s education. Remarkably, some of her primary school teachers stepped up to provide financial assistance for essentials like school supplies and field trips.

“I am immensely grateful for my family’s efforts, but I was truly fortunate to have dedicated teachers who recognized my potential and extended a helping hand during my times of need. I repaid their faith with my academic achievements, which was the least I could do,” Casey humbly stated.

True to her commitment, Casey maintained her diligence throughout her studies, excelling in her examinations. Her hard work paid off, as she emerged as one of the top-performing students in the entire country, achieving an impressive aggregate Grade A score of 83 points.

Following her success, KUCCPS placed Casey at JKUAT, where she embarked on her journey toward earning a Bachelor of Medicine degree. However, as with any new endeavor, unique challenges awaited her. Her previous academic journey had been marked by financial struggles, and without a scholarship to rely on, Casey faced the possibility of deferring her enrollment. Recently obtaining her National ID, she applied for a HELB Loan to bridge the financial gap.

Casey found herself in a precarious situation, needing Sh. 207,000 urgently to cover her first semester fees. In an exclusive interview, she expressed her desperation and need for assistance: “I require approximately Sh. 207,000, or at the very least, 50% of this amount to join the university. Thus far, well-wishers have rallied behind me, raising Sh. 70,000 through the efforts of my guardian, Mactolo. I am in dire need of help.”

Kenyan philanthropist Pamela Mactolo emerged as a pivotal figure in supporting this young scholar. Mactolo tirelessly mobilized essential resources and financial aid to facilitate Casey Oluoch’s pursuit of a medical education.

“I have collected Sh. 72,000 in cash and secured a Sh. 10,000 pledge to kickstart Casey’s journey towards becoming a doctor. A generous anonymous friend has also pledged to provide her with a laptop worth Sh. 35,000,” Mactolo, Casey’s mentor and guardian, proudly announced.

For those who wish to contribute to Casey’s educational fund, payments can be made to the following details:

  • Account Name: Casey Oluoch
  • Paybill: 400200
  • Account Number: 01100250141001

For further information or inquiries, well-wishers are encouraged to reach out to Mactolo at +254713994243. Your support can make a significant difference in Casey’s pursuit of her dream to become a doctor, and any assistance is greatly appreciated.