Mumias East MP Peter Salasya rejects lady crushin on Him “Nitashindwa na kazi mimi”

Member of Parliament Peter Salasya from Mumias East has declined a marriage proposal from a woman who expressed interest in becoming his wife. Citing concerns about her physical appearance, Salasya took to Facebook to express his uncertainty about being able to handle the situation. “I have heard that this is trending and am not sure if I can handle her,” he wrote in his post.

Responding to his post, Bramwel Abueka reminded Salasya of his representation of the Luhya nation, implying that his actions reflect on a broader community. Meanwhile, another follower, Mc Anguka Lulei, commended Salasya for his honesty.

The recent attention stems from a social media post by a woman named Lavyn Shantell, who held a placard asking Salasya to marry her. Despite her readiness to settle down and leaving her contact information for him, Salasya declined the proposal.

Reflecting on his ideal partner, Salasya had previously outlined qualities such as being God-fearing and having an interest in politics to support him in his career. However, he emphasized that he was in no rush to marry and remained steadfast in his stance.

In addition to his political responsibilities, Salasya has also ventured into digital content creation and has shown an interest in improving his appearance through a skincare routine. Despite these endeavors, his legislative efforts in Mumias East have been widely recognized and praised by constituents. Sammy Samba commended Salasya for his dedication to serving the people of Mumias, highlighting him as one of Kenya’s vibrant young leaders.