why tiktoker Waimani is begging Maina kageni for bus fare -

why tiktoker Waimani is begging Maina kageni for bus fare

Thanks to the convenience of social media platforms, becoming popular is now a simple feat. Without TikTok, Priscilla Waimani might not have gained recognition in Kenya. Waimani, a mother of three, has become an internet sensation due to her unique talent in whistling.

In her latest video, Waimani amused Kenyans by asking famous radio host Maina Kageni to send her bus fare. She began the video with a whistle, then declared her location, and ended with another whistle. Most of her videos feature her location and the reactions of surprised and entertained Kenyans.

Waimani discovered her whistling skills through her children, who encouraged her to start a TikTok account and be herself. With the success of TikTok sensation Azziad Nasenya, Waimani took up the challenge and started uploading videos.

Her whistling has caught the attention of brands, with a popular tour and travel company sponsoring a trip to the Coast for her. Waimani is from Nakuru but frequently travels to Nairobi and Kiambu for business. She says her whistling has been a blessing in her business as it attracts customers and gets their attention.

Aside from her whistling and business, Waimani is also a Kikuyu musician.