Eric Omondi Pays Ksh 2.8 Million Mortury Bill for Child Held for Four Months

Activist Eric Omondi once again exemplified his compassionate nature as he came to the aid of a grieving mother, whose son’s body had languished in a morgue for more than four months due to unpaid bills.

Upon learning of the heart-wrenching ordeal faced by this mother, Omondi was informed of the tragic passing of her son, Dylan Calmax, four months prior, and the heartbreaking reality that the family was unable to settle the accumulating morgue bill.

Over the span of four months, the morgue bill had surged to an overwhelming 2.8 million Kenyan shillings, a financial burden that weighed heavily on the distraught mother.

In an initial video, Omondi shared the poignant situation, saying, “Dylan Calmax passed away four months ago, and he remains unburied due to the accumulating 2.8 million shilling bill. His mother, Christine Mbale, is devastated and needs to find closure.”

True to his character, Omondi reached out to his online community, and in a remarkably short time, they collectively gathered the necessary funds, allowing the family to retrieve Dylan’s body from the morgue and provide him with a dignified burial.

After securing a burial plot at Lang’ata cemetery and acquiring a casket, Omondi implored his followers to once again join forces to ensure a respectful farewell for young Calmax.

“We have acquired a casket with the contributions we received and prepared a grave at Lang’ata cemetery. WE DID IT, EVERYONE! The power of unity is unmatched! It’s a collective effort, and we’ve succeeded in giving young Dylan a proper burial, four months after his passing. We have provided his mother, Christine Kaluki, with solace and comfort. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED!!! GOD BLESS YOU,” Omondi expressed in another video as they laid the child to rest.