Nancy Wamaitha: Mitumba Lady Who Owns Kamukunji Gateway Mall

Can success happen overnight?

In an ideal world, we all want to reach our goals and become successful overnight without all the hard work, tears, and sweat. But there’s a problem with that narrative, it is not realistic!

The story of Nancy Wamaitha, who is the owner of recently launched Kamukunji Mall is a proof that hardwork pays.

Deputy President William Ruto was impressed by a businesswoman who had built  the eight-storey Kamukunji Gateway Mall.

The DP noted that the businesswoman and deaconess, Nancy Wamaitha, was once a Mitumba seller who had worked hard to build the mall.

He praised Wamaitha for the good work that she had done, noting that she was the true definition of a hustler.

Ruto used the opportunity to campaign for the botton-up approach. He encouraged Kenya’s investment field to be even in a bid to facilitate the rise of start-ups and flourishing of small businesses.

“This keen bottom-up focus on our economy will produce more jobs, create more wealth for ordinary people and generate more taxes to aid government functions,” the DP stated.

“This building will be blessed, the businesspeople in this building will be blessed, the investors will be blessed,” he added.

The DP expressed gratitude at Kamukunji residents for voting him and the President during the 2017 elections.

The visit to Kamukunji  by the DP came days after President Uhuru Kenyatta expressed his admiration for slum dwellers who constructed a Ksh300 million company.

The president noted that the company kept expanding to over 3,000 members who raised the requisite Ksh300 million to expand its offerings.

“You started small in 1973 here in Kiamaiko and you have been consistent. Today together as 3,000 members you raised Ksh300 million to put up this huge investment. This is not an easy job and I congratulate you Mr Chairman together with your members.

“I am happy because you have demonstrated that you have the capability to put up an investment like this. What you need from us is water, electricity and roads which I assure you will be done by my government,” stated Uhuru.