“Unaringa na mimba zako zote nilishika na round moja” Edday Nderitu claims Samidoh was poor in bed and celebrates her new Man 5 kg mjulus

Samidoh, the renowned Mugithi star, has recently opened up about his decision to seek companionship outside his marriage, attributing it to the unbearable behavior of his wife, Edday Nderitu. He describes her as a domineering and verbally abusive partner, leading him to find solace in the company of Karen Nyamu, a more composed and understanding city lawyer.

In response, Edday Nderitu took to social media to express her emotional pain and announce her choice to end the marriage, citing disrespect and manipulation by her husband as the driving factors. She vehemently contested Samidoh’s accusations and went further to assert that he was lacking in the bedroom department. Edday reminded him that she had already found love with someone who knows how to treat a woman.

In a bitter retort, Edday addressed Samidoh’s insinuations about her fertility and challenged his capability as a partner. She emphasized that she endured the challenges in the marriage, but Samidoh failed to recognize her worth. Edday also conveyed her unwillingness to raise her children in a polygamous setting, issuing a stern warning to Samidoh about her lack of tolerance for such arrangements.