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Ronald Wanyama, an 82-year-old individual from Bungoma famously known as Prophet John the Fifth, asserts that he possesses the ability to heal ailments such as HIV, cancer, injuries, and various other sicknesses.

During an interview with the local magazine, The Star, the Prophet shared that he administers healing through the use of herbal medicine. He claims to serve a staggering number of over 70,000 people annually.

Aside from his healing endeavors, Ronald Wanyama, also known as Prophet John the Fifth, has a substantial number of children. Earlier, he caused quite a commotion on social media when he revealed that he has 42 wives and a total of 289 children. The youngest wife, whom he married in 2021, is 24 years old. The Prophet expressed his intention to marry additional wives in the future, citing his energy as the driving force.

In addition to his healing and familial responsibilities, Prophet John the Fifth now professes that he aids in the reconciliation of divorced couples.

The Prophet asserts that he has authored a bible consisting of 69 books, which he utilizes to educate his followers. He emphasizes that all of his services are rooted in biblical teachings and firmly believes that he is the sole individual capable of revolutionizing the gospel on a global scale.

During the interview conducted at his residence in Nzoia, the Prophet disclosed that he was born in 1940 in the Saboti constituency of Trans-Nzoia County. Subsequently, his family relocated to Kandusi, Bungoma County. In order to fulfill his divine calling, the Prophet separated from his family to embark on a journey of serving God.

The Prophet further revealed that he has been bestowed with the power to prophesy and heal people. He claims to have prayed for millions of individuals from various parts of the world. Concerning fees for his services, the Prophet asserted that he provides them free of charge, believing that his gift was given to him by God without cost.

The Prophet proudly owns three homes located in Bungoma (Nandolia, Matulo, and Webuye), as well as residences in Kitale and Lugari within Kakamega County. In his home, he has established a church with a dedicated ward to accommodate those who are critically ill.

Due to the potential adverse effects of certain medications, the Prophet has designated rooms at his home where individuals under treatment can rest while he prays for their recovery. Following the prayer, he takes them to River Chwele for baptism, symbolizing the cleansing of their sins.

The Prophet’s ample land and resources are sufficient to provide for the needs of his extensive family.

Catherine Nalonja, the Prophet’s fifth wife, who has five children, shared that she entered into marriage with him in 2002. Notably, the 42 wives live harmoniously and maintain a positive relationship with the Prophet.