Zari Hassan: Girl if you get a chance to cheat for money, please do it!

Zari Hassan recently took to her Instagram stories to share her thoughts on relationships and money. While she insists that these are random musings, she acknowledges that her life experiences have influenced her perspectives.

One of Zari’s pieces of advice is for men to be wary of their girlfriends during arguments. According to her, if a girlfriend doesn’t ruin her man’s day almost every day, she is likely doing it to her main boyfriend. Zari believes that in a relationship, it’s impossible for both parties to be happy all the time. She adds that if she stops causing chaos in a relationship, it should be considered a red flag.

In another post, Zari advises young girls to date men for money. She suggests that if an opportunity arises for a girl to cheat for money, she should take it. Zari believes that most women are dating for money, not for love.

However, Zari also declares her love for love itself. She shares that she is a loving person and enjoys being someone’s baby. Zari admits that she prefers old school love, where she can do everything with her man, even something as simple as going to a drive-thru for ice cream.

Lastly, Zari shares a post where she praises her boyfriend, Shakib. She encourages people to hold onto real ones, as they are rare gems.

In summary, Zari’s random thoughts on relationships and money seem to stem from her personal experiences. While she advises young girls to date for money, she also expresses a love for old school relationships where the little things matter.