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I will never Marry, marriage is slavery and I value my freedom – MAINA KAGENI kills hopes of single ladies.

classic 105 and the filthy rich controversial presenter, Maina Kageni, has emphasized that he has no plans of wedding regardless of the pressure he receives from his fans.

Talking in a interview on Jalang’o TV, the seasoned presenter said that the reason he has not married is that he doesn’t want any nagging responsibilities and values his freedom so much.

Maina inferred that wedded men do not have the opportunity to do what they need at any time they feel like.

“I got a problem asking for permission to do what I want. If I wake up today and say I want to go to the US in two weeks, I will go.

“Do you think you can do that if you are married?

Maina further said he has discovered that marriage isn’t for everybody from confessions of some of his married buddies.

“Some of the things I hear on the show about marriage are scary. It has taught me one thing, marriage is not for everyone but never say never,” he said.

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