Pritty Vishy Reacts After Stevo Simple Boy’s Wife Pleaded For Financial Help

In this Instagram conversation, Vishy, a content creator, addressed the issue of Stevo’s struggles and the claims that she had not moved on. Vishy insinuated that the truth about the situation was gradually unfolding. She emphasized the importance of appreciating and being grateful for the right partner.

Comedian-turned-activist Eric Omondi also shared his thoughts on Stevo’s situation, suggesting that such reports would increase in the next year due to taxation. He expressed the need to take action if the government doesn’t address the issue.

Stevo’s wife, Grace Atieno, revealed the challenges they are facing, including sometimes going hungry. She mentioned that Stevo Simple Boy does not have access to his money and social media accounts. According to her, Stevo is being mistreated by his current management, MIB, and she believes he would be better off leaving them.

Stevo’s manager responded to the allegations, stating that such situations are normal in labels or management companies. He claimed that MIB has invested a significant amount of money into Stevo’s career, ensuring that he doesn’t face issues like his house being locked or lacking essential items. The manager also mentioned that Stevo has two phones and access to his social media accounts, but they regulate what he posts.

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