DRAMA in Kitui,Mango with a human face spotted – (VIDEO) Ogopa Wakanesa.
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DRAMA in Kitui,Mango with a human face spotted – (VIDEO) Ogopa Wakamba.

There was drama in one of the towns in Kitui County after a mango that had a human face was spotted by the residents.

In the perplexing video uploaded by former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, residents are seen rushing to the scene to see the unusual occurrence after news of the mango that looked like a human face spread in the area.

The thrilled Kitui residents almost caused a stampede as they took photographs and recordings of the special mango that was hanging on the tree.

Several speculiar occurrences that are connected to black magic have occurred inthe county days apart ie from the flying snake to now embe mtu.

Only a couple days ago, bees attacked a bus station that had two rival groups fighting over the control of the matatu section and almost brought business to a halt.

Last week, a man from the area was bitten by a snake that was dropped by a eagle from the sky.

Here’s a video of the mango that had a human face.