Meet Mashirima Kapombe’s Adorable Son She Has Sired With Comedian Captain Otoyo -

Meet Mashirima Kapombe’s Adorable Son She Has Sired With Comedian Captain Otoyo

News anchor Mashirima Kapombe, known for her private nature, shares rare glimpses of her personal life, making it all the more special for Kenyans to witness. Among these glimpses, her son, Kenga, shines as the light of her life. Whenever she blesses us with pictures or videos of him, it becomes impossible not to feel a warm and affectionate emotion in our hearts.

Kenga is the beautiful and handsome result of Kapombe’s relationship with comedian Kazungu Matano, popularly known as Captain Otoyo Sibuor. Despite being a single mother, the journalist has done an exceptional job in raising their son.

In response to rumors, Mashirima clarified that she is not married to Captain Otoyo, setting the record straight. This revelation further highlights her privacy when it comes to personal matters.

On February 7, 2023, the beloved Citizen TV journalist delighted her followers by sharing heartwarming photos of Kenga, celebrating his growth and wishing him a happy birthday. In her touching post, she expressed, “Eight years and counting. Happy birthday, my darling Kenga ❤️ You are my everything.”

The close bond between Mashirima and Kenga is evident in a heartwarming throwback video that she shared just before his birthday. In this endearing footage witnessed by Public News, we see the two of them joyfully lip-syncing to a nursery rhyme, capturing a genuine display of a mother’s love for her son.

Not only does Mashirima dote on her son, but she also actively participates in various activities with him. Recently, she posted a picture of herself and Kenga supporting a local entrepreneur who sells cashew nut products. They visited the Made in Kenya Extravaganza, wholeheartedly showing their support for the vendor named Kaya Nuts. It was a delightful occasion for Kenga, who had the pleasure of bringing home a delightful array of treats.

Additionally, the journalist and her son showcase their playful side in a humorous skit created to promote Woman’s Hope. With her Giriama heritage shining through, Mashirima played the role of the customer, while Kenga, inheriting his father’s acting skills and sense of humor, portrayed the shopkeeper. Their chemistry was infectious, and fans couldn’t help but express their enjoyment in the comment section.

Mashirima Kapombe’s rare glimpses into her personal life, particularly her beautiful bond with Kenga, continue to captivate the hearts of Kenyans. Her dedication to motherhood and the joy she shares with her son serve as a reminder of the unconditional love that exists within a family.