“Marriage works”: Emmy Kosgei opens up on her 10-year marriage with Rich Nigerian pastor

Emmy Kosgei, an acclaimed gospel musician, asserts the success of her marriage despite enduring criticism on social media. Married to the renowned Nigerian pastor Anslem Madubuko, Kosgei expresses her dismay over the skepticism surrounding the longevity of their relationship, primarily fueled by the significant 22-year age gap between them.

In a recent appearance on TV47’s Morning Cafe program on January 26, Kosgei addressed the persistent social media scrutiny she faced following her marriage a decade ago. She revealed that skeptics had consistently predicted the demise of her marriage within a month of tying the knot. Undeterred, she proudly attested to the resilience of her marriage, emphasizing that the past ten years have proven that marriages can indeed thrive despite external skepticism.

Emmy Kosgei and Anslem Madubuko’s union has now spanned a decade, marking a milestone in their relationship. Initially met with skepticism from the Kenyan public, who anticipated challenges arising just before their wedding, the couple has defied expectations and emerged stronger over the years.

Kosgei also expressed frustration at being targeted by social media trolls who questioned her motivations for marrying a man considerably older than her. Despite facing accusations of marrying for selfish or materialistic reasons, she remains steadfast in her conviction that marriage is a successful institution.

In closing, Kosgei urged people not to revel in the failures of marriages but rather to offer support to couples facing challenges. Her message emphasizes the importance of fostering a positive and encouraging environment for married couples, challenging the negativity that can permeate social media discussions about relationships.