229 Bodaboda Men Arrested for Molesting Female Motorist on Forest Road

229 Bodaboda Men Arrested for Molesting Female Motorist on Forest Road

On Monday , Kenyans on social media woke up to an upsetting video showing a group of bodaboda riders sexually assaulting a female driver along Wangari Maathai/Forest Road in Nairobi.

The shocking episode occurred on Friday, March 4 at around 5 pm but the video emerged online on Monday.

Police said the lady was driving from Limuru side when she knocked down a bodaboda rider. The casualty sustained fractures on the leg and is undergoing treatment at Kiambu Level 4 Hospital.

In her statement at Parklands police headquarters on Monday, the lady said the bodaboda rider had crossed the street abruptly prompting the accident.

The lady stopped few meters ahead but bodaboda operators ganged against her and attempted to rob her. She then, at that point, drove off for safety but the riders chased her and obstructed her way.

It is then that they started grabbing her and stripped her clothes. The lady told police she also lost cash and different items during the horrible and bloodcurdling attack.

The lady was rescued by traffic police who were alerted by other motorists.

“Our officers rushed to save this motorist. They dragged her to the back seat and one of our officers drove her away,” said Nairobi Traffic Commandant Joshua Omukata.

The viral video caught the eye of Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i who said he was disgusted by the occurrence.

“I am shocked and disgusted by a viral video clip of a female motorist being molested by suspected boda boda riders along Wangari Maathai /Forest Road. We must protect our roads from such vile and reprehensible acts of aggression,” he said.

Matiang’i said he had requested police to hunt down the men and deal with them.

By Monday evening, police had captured 229 boda boada riders over the assault.

“Boda boda riders need to behave. They need to be civilised in a way… Those who are adamant we are going to deal with them,” said Mr. Omukata.