Captain Michael Olunga Acquires A Brand New Bus For His Academy Football Club (Photos)

Michael Olunga, the esteemed captain of the Kenya national team, stands as an undisputed icon in Kenyan football, boasting an impressive array of accolades both domestically and internationally. Notably, Olunga is among the select group of professional footballers in Kenya who have ventured into the realm of football academies.

In this regard, Olunga serves as the proprietor of the Michael Olunga Foundation Academy (MOFA), which competes in the third division of the Kenyan football federation (FKF). Recently, it has come to light that Olunga has made a significant investment in his academy by procuring a brand-new Isuzu bus for MOFA.

This remarkable development marks a resounding triumph for the academy, which has consistently upheld its position as a pioneering institution dedicated to nurturing young and promising football talents, guiding them towards a path of professional success. Currently, MOFA holds the 8th spot in the FKF Division 1 Zone B, accumulating a commendable 23 points after participating in 24 games.