Justina Syokau: My Ex-Husband Cheated Me With Our Tailor On The Eve Of Our Wedding

During an interview with Kenyans in Diaspora USA, the famous Kamba musician, Justina Syokau, revealed that her ex-husband had cheated on her with their tailor on the eve of their wedding. According to Justina, on the day before their wedding, while they were at the home of their organizers, the tailor who was making suits for their groomsmen disappeared for more than four hours after her groom came to see their practice. Justina suspected that her husband had taken the tailor with him, and her suspicions were confirmed when the woman did not answer her phone after leaving with her husband-to-be. Justina shared that she would have cancelled the wedding if she had known the truth, but she was advised against it since it was her special day.

Justina also revealed that her ex-husband was a mean person who did not use their wedding contributions as intended. Despite having enough money to hold a lavish wedding, he hired a wedding gown, a cheap ring, and a cheap cake, lowering Justina’s standards. His ill character continued on their honeymoon in Mombasa, where he failed to satisfy her in bed and took her to visit all of his acquaintances instead of spending time with her.

Justina admitted that she did not know her ex-husband well because they got married only six months after meeting. The man approached her, wanting a wife, not a relationship, and being a Christian, she obeyed him. Justina advised young people to run from anyone who tells them they want a wife without first getting to know them through a relationship. In the beginning, her ex-husband seemed like a nice guy and did not show any red flags. However, he planned their wedding without considering her input, which should have been a warning sign.