“Bahati hupiga mechi hata nikiwa nanyesha,” Diana Marua reveals

Singer Bahati and Vlogger Diana Marua stand out as one of the most eccentric celebrity couples in Kenya. They consistently showcase their affection on social media and aren’t afraid to dive into controversial discussions.

During a recent public outing, the couple sparked a frenzy on social media. Marua disclosed an intimate detail, asserting that Bahati excels in matters of the bedroom.

Days after laying her grandmother to rest, Diana Marua shared a video where the cheerful YouTuber seemed to have overcome the sorrow of losing a close relative she referred to as a ‘mother she never had.’

The playful exchange unfolded when Marua inquired about Bahati’s apparent happiness. She asked, “But babe, I want you to be honest with me, why are you so happy?” Before he could respond, she playfully claimed responsibility for his infectious joy, stating, “It’s all because of me!” However, Bahati humorously lamented that he would have been even happier if Marua hadn’t denied him intimacy for five days.

“Imagine I am happy, and I haven’t been given any attention for how long? Five days!” he quipped.

Refusing to back down, Marua countered with a more surprising revelation that Bahati is quite adventurous in the bedroom. She revealed that he doesn’t let her menstrual cycle deter their intimate moments.

“Let me tell you the truth, look at this guy, even with the red sea yesterday, he got some,” she declared.

Marua shared the amusing video on social media, accompanied by a caption questioning whether other women experience similar situations with their partners.

“Ayeeeeeeee wake up before you sleep… does Bahati not acknowledge the RED SEA (menstrual cycle) or are there many like him??? 😂😂😂😂,” she humorously inquired.